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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Million Little Pieces by James Frey

A Million Little Pieces is the memoir of a 23-year old young man detailing the period he spent in a rehab centre recovering from extreme abuse of drug and alcohol. The book hit big time after it was chosen for the Oprah Winfrey Book Club. But soon thereafter, allegations started coming out that the author James Frey had embellished details of his stay at the clinic and his subsequent imprisonment. And so strictly speaking, the book was not an autobiography. Frey was forced to go back on the Oprah Winfrey show and apologise and his publisher offered a refund to anyone who felt cheated. So recent editions of the book carry a disclaimer from the author.

About the book itself, what can you say about the story when it's about someone's life? But some of the sections in the book read like fiction (and apparently were!). Especially the parts where Frey writes about getting his teeth and nose fixed without anesthesia is graphic in description. In the end it all works out fine and Frey has been clean for the past 13 years while most of his mates from the centre have either relapsed or taken their lives.

A Million Little Pieces stands out for its unique narrative style. Frey dispenses with trivialities like punctuations and the result is a prose that is taut and gripping. Even if some of the detail in the book was fabricated, a large portion of it was lived and endured. And that's what makes it an incredible journey. A truly awfully beautiful read.


  • It is very interesting to me how the memoir genre is so big right now, i think it's because we want to read something we can read and feel that it is true, and at the same time we enjoy reading the easy read and extraordinary tale of this nature.

    It's very interesting.

    --RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com

    By Blogger RC, at 7:34 AM  

  • Wasnt it this book that brought on the whole righteousness spree in Oprah-righteous-Winfrey?

    By Blogger Spunky Monkey, at 8:18 AM  

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